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Policies, Procedures, Rules, & Regulations

Behavior Policy

Implemented: October 26, 2023

Fundamentally, behavior must be professional at all times, Treating all others - fellow contestants, staff, judges, sponsors, and others associated with Dr. World Productions in any way - with utmost respect and courtesy. A contestant/titleholder must refrain any activity that may harm the DWP organization, its members or its reputation.


A contestant/titleholder must acknowledge and abide by the Dr. World ® Productions (DWP) - Official Rules and Regulations.


By submitting the membership/entry fee, the contestant/titleholder is formally acknowledging that the individual understands and agrees that any negative communication or actions in any form (oral, written), any negative innuendoes and/or misrepresentation of themselves (e.g., Application Package) in any form or involving other contestants/titleholders, will be grounds for disqualification and removal from the current class and/or alumni membership.

If a contestant/titleholder has an issue/s with another contestant/titleholder, it is their responsibility to attempt to resolve the issue. If the issue cannot be resolved and involves behavior that violates the Dr. World ® Productions (DWP) - Official Rules and Regulations, it should be reported to the Director or by using the DWP Formal Complaint & Grievance Process.


Doctoral/Doctorate Degrees

Per Charter: January 1, 2017

For the Dr. competitions - Domestic accrediting bodies and issuing postsecondary institutions must be recognized by the United States Department of Education. The earned, accredited academic doctoral degree must be granted by a federally recognized postsecondary academic institution. The doctoral program must contain a minimum of 56 academic semester hours of study.


For application and entry into these particular competitions, a domestic or foreign doctorate degree may not be an award/honorary in nature (e.g., honoris causa).

A foreign earned, academic doctorate degree must be recognized as equivalent to a US doctorate a degree (e.g., by evaluation services such as World Education Services/WES).

For Informal Concern/s

Implemented: October 26, 2023

Concerns are taken seriously. Please do not share concerns with the Director via Facebook Messenger or Instagram Messages. A contestant should contact the President/Director at


Formal Complaint/s 

Executive Committee Review Process

Implemented: October 26, 2023

Any formal complaint/grievance that is filed in regard to a Dr. World Productions competition operations or related contestant issues (e.g., violation of a DWP policy, rule, or regulation) must adhere to the following:

  • All formal complaints/grievances must be submitted in writing.

  • All complaints/grievances shall be filed within 7 (seven) days of when the significant incident/issue is known (or should have been known by the filer).

  • The complaint/grievance letter must include the name, address (physical & email), and phone number of the individual/s filing the complaint.


  • The complaint/grievance should include as much relevant details/facts about the subject as possible and must include evidence (e.g., screenshots). Hearsay or verbal communication between parties will not be accepted as fact.


  • The letter must be formally signed and dated in ink. A typed signature will not be accepted.

  • If the complaint/grievance is a notification and no response is desired, the letter must indicate this choice.


  • If a specific outcome it desired, the letter must indicate this desire.


  • If other parties are involved, all involved parties will be notified about the complaint/grievance via email. All involved parties will be given the opportunity to provide a response within seven (7) days of notification.

  • Complaints/grievances will be reviewed by the assembled Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will vote on the necessary action required. The contestant/filer will receive a formal response within fourteen (14) days.


  • Complaints/grievances may be submitted by email ( and must come in the form of an attached letter (PDF). Individual/Filer must receive a formal response to the email for it to be considered delivered.


  • Should you wish to submit by postal mail, send to Dr. World Productions, 3044 Bardstown Road, #178, Louisville, Kentucky, 40205. Please note, the days required for shipping do count toward the seven (7) days.


  • To assemble an Executive Committee - made up of at least three members - to review a complaint/grievance has a cost (e.g., time, resources, etc.). So, the individual/filer should submit a $75 payment via PayPal to Should the review side in the favor of the individual/filer, the $75 payment will be refunded.


Any complaint/grievance that does not follow the Formal Complaint process will be deemed unacceptable and will not be processed as a formal complaint.


Rules and Regulations -

As Stated in the New Member/Contestant Application

Updated: October 26, 2023

  • Contestant must be at least 21 years of age and be of good moral and ethical character. The individual has not and will not commit any act inconsistent with DWP’s highest professional standards and the standards of public, social and moral norms.

  • FOR DR. PAGEANTS ONLY: Contestant’s doctorate degree must be earned and granted by an approved and accredited academic institution. It may not be honorary (e.g., honoris causa) in nature. See website for additional details.

  • Contestant may not be a current national titleholder* with any other pageant system - as of July 1 for Ms. Achievement competition/s & October 1st for the Dr. Pageants - of the competition year (*unless unable to crown successor & other pageant director formally releases titleholder from title and duties). It is best if the contestant can focus on DWP title in the lead up to the competition (national/world). Judges are looking for a working DWP titleholder.

  • U.S. contestants vying for a region/state/area title must be a U.S. Citizen. World contestants must have at least 25% heritage of the country/area of the title application or live/d or worked in the country/area (deployment or residency on a military installation is acceptable).

  • If selected, contestant agrees to participate in the required activities (e.g., join Dr. World Productions Members Facebook group within one week, submit photo in DWP shirt upon receipt, participate in or watch recording of the two trainings videos related to competition preparation (2hrs total), submit competition video links and photo by the deadline, as well as be on time for competition interview).

  • To compete, contestant must meet all submission deadlines.

  • If selected, contestant agrees to post representing DWP on a weekly basis. When posting, if the content is considered advice or directions, contestant must include sources in the post. Send or “collaborate” posts/stories/reels w/ @drworldproductions so they may be shared. Please Note: Not all submissions will be shared. During competition week, only current World queen’s submissions, Judges and contestant appearances/events occurring that week will be shared.

  • If selected, contestant agrees to include support of title sponsors* (e.g., Liking posts when appropriate. Purchases are not required. However, if a purchase is made, the contestant should post and tag the director and sponsor). *Current gift/discount Sponsors: Marc Defang and Crown Couture Collection.

  • Once the title sash has been received, post/share at least once weekly - community, mentoring, charity activity involvement, travel, or information about field/Did You Know? on Facebook and/or Instagram as a Dr. World Productions representative (including  #becausesmartisbeautiful #drworldproductions, @drworldproductions and title (e.g., drkentuckyamerica. #drworldmexico). Contestant may also choose to include #dwpwomementoringwomen, #education, #mentoring, #community service, and division: #dramerica, #drusa, #drunitedstateesofamerica, etc.).

  • Contestant will be subject to a membership/entry fee as outlined on the website. The fee/s must be paid in full prior to the competition deadline and to receive any Dr. World® Productions’ uniform item/s (e.g., sash, etc.).

  • All fees paid to the DWP are not refundable or transferable.

  • Contestant must have never been or be convicted of a felony crime.

  • Contestant must have never posed for any photography/video associated with nudity/pornography or been employed in a position which involves complete nudity.

  • Contestant must refrain from posting provocative photos while holding a DWP title (e.g., skimpy bikini  w/suggestive expression) as it does not align with the professional nature of the contestants or DWP.

  • If selected, contestant agrees to not smoke or become intoxicated while wearing any items (e.g., DWP sash, Dr. World Productions official t-shirts, etc.) representing Dr. World Productions or any DWP title or slogan. A professional, social alcoholic beverage at an event, etc. is acceptable.

  • Maintain professional communication and actions in compliance with EEOC standards on social media, etc. to avoid situations that could look negatively on Dr. World Productions/DR. Productions, LLC; Director/Trademark owner and anyone associated with the event/s during her reign​.

  • Maintain professional communication and actions with fellow contestants through all forms of communication (e.g., DWP Members Facebook Group, Messenger, Instagram, email, etc.). If it is determined that unprofessional communication has occurred, see website for all rules, regulations, polices, and procedures for additional details.

  • Refrain from political or religious commentary on social media, etc. to avoid situations that could look negatively or harm Dr. World® Productions/DR. Productions, LLC; Director/Trademark owner and anyone associated with the organization during her membership reign. Contact Director with questions.​

  • Take full responsibility of one’s actions and release Dr. World Productions/DR. Productions, LLC., Director/Trademark owner and anyone associated with the organization or event related activities from any liability for claims, damages, debt, or losses associated with the individuals/entities mentioned above.

  • If a contestant/titleholder chooses to relinquish title, there are no refunds. In doing so, the contestant/titleholder agrees to not make any future appearances representing the assigned title.

  • If any unprofessional behavior or violation of any of the Dr. World Productions’ Rules and Regulations leads to disqualification of the contestant/titleholder, there are no refunds. If disqualified, individual may not, under any circumstances represent DWP in any way. Photos and/or title information should be removed from all social media, etc.

  • If unprofessional behavior occurs, depending on the level of offense, membership may not be renewed.

  • Contestant agrees all judges’ decisions are final and irrevocable.

  • Contestant permits Dr. World Productions and their licensees the right to use any contestant/titleholder's photographs, bio, and competition materials, etc. for publicity purposes in connection with Dr. World Productions’ competitions for eternity.

  • DWP strives for consistency during a competition year. The goal is to make any change/s prior to accepting the first contestant of a new competition year. However, due to extenuating circumstances, etc., there may come a time where a non-substantive change/s in format, rules, regulations, policies, etc. is necessary. By submitting the Application Package and Membership/Entry fee, contestant/titleholder is formally acknowledging that the individual understands and agrees to abide by any change/s made.

  • QUEEN’S AGREEMENT - DWP Titleholder/Contestant must agree to the Contestant terms above and SHOULD SHE WIN a DWP title Dr. World®/Dr. America®/Dr. United States of America®/Ms. Achievement® World/U.S.A, she must:

  • Submit a crown and sash photo to Dr. World Productions (DWP) within 1 week of receipt of the official crown and sash. The photo does not need to be from a professional photographer, but should look professional (e.g., a solid color wall is preferred, as it may be submitted to Pageantry Magazine).

  • Submit a professional photo/s within 30 days of receipt of the official crown/sash. Contact director if there is an issue.

  • Post Weekly - post community, mentoring, charity activity involvement, travel, or information about field on Facebook & Instagram as a Dr. World Productions representative (including #drworldproductions, @drworldproductions, #becausesmartisbeautiful & the appropriate DWP title)

  • Utilize the official DWP Facebook/social media pages/accounts created and monitored by DWP for initial postings [winners will be provided administrator rights during reign]. Queen may then share [title page posting] to personal page from the DWP pages/accounts.

  • Provide monthly activity updates at a minimum or simply tag/send to DWP Director.

  • Participate in quarterly mentoring activities. Participate in DWP training sessions (e.g., Preparing Competition Materials), be active on DWP Member Facebook page, hold a virtual PJ party the night before virtual interviews and support DWP contestants.

  • Not compete in any other pageant during reign. Should a unique opportunity arise toward the end of her reign, the national/international queen may request DWP Director's approval.

  • If Dr. World®/Dr. America®/Dr. United States of America® titleholder relinquishes her title or is stripped of her title for violation of the Rules and Regulations all prizes must be returned in condition received.

  • If any gifts (e.g., sash, crown, etc.) not returned in good condition, the Dr. World®/Dr. America®/Dr. United States of America®. titleholder will be required to pay for replacement items be given to her 1st runner-up/successor.

  • If selected as Dr. World®/Dr. America®/Dr. United States of America® (DWP Queen) winner, appearances are under the supervision of Dr. World Productions and all rights for any DWP title appearances/contracts resulting from being affiliated with Dr. World Productions shall belong exclusively to same. Must comply with any published DWP sponsor/partner agreements. Should DWP enter into an agreement, the queen and contestants will be notified via the Dr. World Productions Facebook group.

  • At times, a DWP Queen may be offered a sponsor package (non-DWP partner). All non-DWP partner agreements, before “signed”/entered to it must be reviewed (to ensure it aligns with DWP) and approved by the DWP board. If accepted, agreement with the sponsor must be entered into by the individual, not the DWP title, queen/as a DWP representative must fulfill any signed sponsor agreement/s.

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