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Dr. World Productions'
Of the Year Awards

Because ... Smart is Beautiful ®

The three categories are:

Community Leader of the Year

Educator of the Year

Mentor of the Year

Guidelines: Submit - by no later than October 1, 2024

Any 2024 DWP

contestant/titleholder may apply.

For a category (e.g., Community Leader of the Year 2024):

  • Create a 1-2 page essay of related activities (size 11 font).

  • Included up to three photos for the entry (e.g., Community Leader of the Year 2023 essay and three photos demonstrating engagement in the community). If photos are embedded in the narrative, it can be up to three pages, Think newsletter. Or, two (2) pages of narrative and one (1) page with photos on it.

  • Documentation should be recent  (e.g. within the last few years). Documentation should not exceed three (3) pages.

Submission for a category must not exceed six (6) total pages and must be submitted as a PDF. 

An official DWP contestant or titleholder may choose to compete in one, two, or three categories or none. Each category will have one award recipient from all DWP divisions/pageants.


A Certificate of Achievement will be provided to the three (3) winners. The individual may proudly add this distinction to their CV or resume, etc..

PLEASE NOTE: If a category submission exceeds six (6) pages, the entry will be disqualified. No exceptions.

2023 Recipients

Of the Year - Community Leader - Patricia Celan.png

2022 Recipients

2021 Recipients

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