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Dr. Universe ®
Lifetime Achievement Award 2024

Dr. Kella Price

Texas, USA

CEO, Price Consulting Group

Human Resources, Training, Development, and Management Professional

College/University Instructor

Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Contributing Author & Community Leader


Awarded November 2023

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Brazil Brown Verena Photo.jpg

Dr. Universe ®
Lifetime Achievement Award 2023

Dr. Verena Brown, MD, FAAP

Brazil, South America & Georgia, USA

Medical Doctor and Educator

Podcast, Sentient Anatomy/Hymenology 101

Child Abuse Pediatrics

Awarded November 2022

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Dr. Universe
Lifetime Achievement Award 2021/2022

Dr. Jacqueline Zaleski MacKenzie

Loja, Ecuador

Educator/Award Winning Author/

Protector of the Environment

Awarded November 2020

Please Note:

  • For the Dr. Universe ® Lifetime Achievement Award - Domestic accrediting bodies and issuing postsecondary institutions must be recognized by the United States Department of Education. The earned, accredited academic doctoral degree must be granted by a federally recognized postsecondary academic institution. The doctoral program must contain a minimum of 58 academic semester hours of study. For application and entry into this particular Lifetime Achievement Award, a domestic or foreign doctorate degree may not be an award/honorary in nature (e.g., honoris causa). A foreign earned, academic doctorate degree must be recognized as equivalent to a US doctorate a degree (e.g., by evaluation services such as World Education Services/WES).

  • Because entry is free, there is no sash or crown directly associated with the bestowment of this award.

  • Complementary trainings - paying it forward to other women at no cost - are expected of the recipient.

    • Applicant must be willing to provide a minimum of two (2) complementary (minimum 30 minutes in length) virtual professional development training sessions during year (January and May preferred) to DWP members and the public.

    • Applicant must be willing to provide a minimum of ten (10) videos (recorded on iPhone, a minimum 30 seconds) "Did you know?" educational videos related to the her professional field, passion or platform for DWP social media each month following award.

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