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Dr. Universe ®
Lifetime Achievement Award 2022

Dr. Verena Brown, MD, FAAP

Georgia, USA

Medical Doctor and Educator

Podcast, Sentient Anatomy/Hymenology 101

Child Abuse Pediatrics

Universe Photo.jpg

Dr. Universe
Lifetime Achievement Award 2020

Dr. Jacqueline Zaleski MacKenzie

Loja, Ecuador

Educator/Award Winning Author/

Protector of the Environment

Personal Educational Philosophy:

To empower others to reach their maximum human potential as each individual defines it.


  • First female Teamster in Chicago; 2nd in America

  • One of the first group of women to pass the Illinois State Troopers Exam

  • The only pilot on a 68-hour trip - Flew single-engine airplane Jacksonville, FL to Anchorage, AK, to meet Sally Ride at a lady pilot’s convention

  • Amelia Earhart Outstanding Pilot Award

  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) single-engine airplane

  • Certified Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI) 

  • Able Toastmaster Silver – 350 motivational speeches in 2 years

  • Toastmaster Regional Award Winner Impromptu Speaking

  • World traveler: 49 USA states, Canada, most of Europe, Mexico, and parts of Central and South America.

  • American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) Certified

  • Arizona State Certified Teacher birth – grade 12 in Special Education

  • Arizona State Certified Teacher – Marketing and Technology

  • Designer/Director bilingual school three weeks of age through middle school – trained staff who have run the school themselves since 2007

  • Lived off-grid 1996-2008 on 1,227 acres and built 14 alternative structures by hand while offering a charitable eco-camp for youth during school breaks

  • Co-Coordinator of building Resplandor International Community Center, Cajones, Guanajuato, Mexico 

  • Volunteer English teacher, equine therapy, and water therapy programs designer/facilitator in an Indigenous Central Mexico village (2008-2013)


The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, Ph.D., Special Education, Bilingual Education, Sociocultural Studies, May 2010 GPA 3.9

University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, EdS, Special Education, May 2007

Rio Salado College -100% online learning- Post Baccalaureate Certification Cross-Category Special Education for Arizona State Certificate, 2005

Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc, Coral Springs, Florida, BA, Divinity, 1994 

Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida, MS, Business Systems Management (non-profit focus), 1989

Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida, BS, Business, 1987 – graduated High Honors

University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois, Art Education, two years



My third career has led me to specialize in the education of Latinos (mothers and children), including those with disabilities. Since 1996, I have researched and reported on the Spanish speaker's cultural speaker while serving as an English teacher and coordinator of volunteers – predominately graduate students and certified teachers in Spanish immersion programs. I lived on the Agua Prieta, Senora, / Douglas, Arizona, border for 12 years. I have 30+ year's experience in the non-profit arena, including creating and directing a bilingual school, necessitating strategic financial-planning, operating within a tight financial discipline imposed by a global economic downturn devastating cash donations.


Methodical administration to self-imposed deadlines has been met due to the needs of marginalized and/or disabled persons and modern leadership methods. My leadership position requires volunteer staff motivation and involvement in decision-making, target-setting, clarity in communication, and easy personal inter-relations without financial rewards. My grass-roots military dependent background (living or visiting 49 states, all of Canada, much of Europe, and Mexico) combined with an analytical interest in the Latino culture has transplanted me to Central Mexico and later to Ecuador, South America. My book on teaching Spanish speakers: Empowering Spanish Speakers, Answers for Educators, Business People, and Friends of Mexicans, is sold on Amazon. In June 2012, in NYC, the book was awarded two Ben Franklin Book Awards: Gold in Education and Silver in Professional/Technical. One Best Books 2011 and Living Now Book Award for humanitarian/cultural.

Summerland Corp. Founder, President, CEO 1991 to today

Educational program design, management, and volunteer coordinator:

Helped to build a 3,500 sq. ft. Community center in Central Mexico. Other charity projects include equine therapy, water therapy, family education, and over 150 marginalized children in a confidence-building program indoors and outdoors. I have taught English reading, writing, and math since 1992.


I am currently offering free access to online teaching materials for Earth-Honoring Parents acting as teachers since COVID-19 has modified normal school days. 



1. Published 91,000 word / 320 page cultural sensitivity training manual on April 4, 2011 titled Empowering Spanish Speakers, Answers for Educators, Business People and Friends of Mexicans. Won 4 national awards

2. Workbook, 2012, Empowering Teachers of Spanish Speakers

3. Just a Bale of Hay – The Cost Empowering Children With Disabilities by Using Volunteers (unpublished nonfiction)

4. Relax! There is a Vegan Anti-Aging Solution for Amazing Looks and Youthful Health

5. Turning Back Time – How to Reverse Your Biological Age in 3 Months

6. Just Juicing – Easy Weight Loss, Health, and Fitness

7. The Skinny Jeans Vegan Diet – Eating Fat-free and Healthy at Any Age

8. Empowering the Divine Feminine in You

9. How to Be Successful as an Immigrant

10. Overcoming Cultural Bias as a Roadblock to Success

11. Extreme Weight Loss: The Definitive HCG Protocol for Vegans and Vegetarians

12. Victoria’s Crown (an unpublished novel)

13. Sociocultural Influences: Evaluations of Indigenous children for special needs in Central Mexico

14. eLance ghostwriter of articles, books, and eBooks since 2009

15 & 16 Eco-building & Off-grid Living


Past High Priestess of The Church of All Worlds 2019-2020

Ordained: The Church of All Worlds Clergy 2016

Affiliate & Ordained – Aquarian Tabernacle Church – January 1991 to Oct 2013

Ordained Minister/Director – Universal Brotherhood Movement 1998

Religious Freedom Survivor State Supreme Court 1996

Universal Brotherhood Movement, Coral Springs, Florida, BA, Divinity, 1994 

Co-founder of The Church of Iron Oak 1992

President of Summerland Monastery, Inc. CAW 1992 to date 

First Zen Institute of America member since 1974

Member Unitarian Universalist Church (later CUUPS) since 1963 

Studied in a Roman Catholic Nunnery for a year in 1962

Baptized (1947) and Confirmed (1962) in the American Lutheran Church



Douglas Leadership Academy (graduated 2/22/2007)

Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society

Gamma Beta Phi Education Honor Society

Delta Mu Delta Business Honor Society

Able Toastmaster Silver

American Production and Inventory Control Society

Certified Flight & Ground Instructor



Fine Tuning Spanish

Organic Gardening

Gourmet Cooking

Equine Therapy

Water Therapy

Horseback riding


Flying single-engine fixed-wing

Please Note:

  • For the Dr. Universe Lifetime Achievement Award - Domestic accrediting bodies and issuing postsecondary institutions must be recognized by the United States Department of Education. The earned, accredited academic doctoral degree must be granted by a federally recognized postsecondary academic institution. The doctoral program must contain a minimum of 58 academic semester hours of study. For application and entry into this particular Lifetime Achievement Award, a domestic or foreign doctorate degree may not be an award/honorary in nature (e.g., honoris causa). A foreign earned, academic doctorate degree must be recognized as equivalent to a US doctorate a degree (e.g., by evaluation services such as World Education Services/WES).

  • Due to registered trademark parameters, there is no sash or crown directly associated with the bestowment of this award.

    • ​C 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Educational services, namely, arranging and conducting seminars, workshops and lectures on issues related to professionals in the field of business training; business training; educational services, namely, conducting conferences in the field of business, social media, marketing and social networking. FIRST USE: 20180901. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20181001

  • Free to enter, not a pageant. This is a Lifetime Achievement Award.

  • Complementary trainings - paying it forward to other women at no cost - are expected of the recipient.

    • Applicant must be willing to provide a minimum of two (2) complementary (minimum 30 minutes in length) virtual professional development training sessions during year (January and May preferred) to DWP members and the public.

    • Applicant must be willing to provide a minimum of ten (10) videos (recorded on iPhone, a minimum 30 seconds) "Did you know?" educational videos related to the her professional field, passion or platform for DWP social media each month following award.

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