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Welcome to the Because…Smart is Beautiful ® Princess Program


What is a "Because…Smart is Beautiful" Princess?


She is committed to being a Princess in her thoughts and her actions.


She is:

P - Patient,

R - Respectful,

I - Inspiring,

N - Nice, 

C - Caring, 

E - Encouraging, 

S - Sharing, &

S - Smart


The purpose of the program is to provide positive engagement opportunities for young girls to enhance their confidence, highlight their community service and increase their career awareness in relation to the age-old question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”


Instead choosing "what sounds good" or just guessing, they will speak with achievement queens and career women on a quarterly basis via a virtual group call with other BSIB Princesses. They will play games and have the opportunity to win a Princess prize during each call. A Princess may choose her own mentor queen or be assigned one.


Each month, the Princesses can choose to earn merit pins by completing activities (based on each month's assigned theme) to enhance her skills, knowledge, and abilities...all while having fun.

Girls Carrying a Recycling Bin

Who may participate?

The Because…Smart is Beautiful (BSIB) Princess Program is open to all young girls, which may include: daughters, nieces, etc. of Dr. World Productions (DWP) contestants or queens. But, it may also include individuals outside of DWP or even pageantry as one has no bearing on the other.


Princess Program ages tend to be between 5-12 years of age. However, we will allow a younger Princess if she participates in activities with an older Princess (e.g., sister, cousin, friend) or a guardian. The guardian does not have to be a BSIB Princess.

What does initial Membership include?

The first year Princess Program membership fee ($149 first year, plus $25 shipping) covers the actual costs for:

  • A custom DWP tiara - AB colored stone (2 1/2")

  • Premium quality boarder full premium sash, like the big girl DWP titleholders, but with black and Hot Pink trim and font

  • A one size fits most Because...Smart is Beautiful Princess crystal embellished t-shirt, depending on age, your Princess may need to grow into it a bit.

  • Quarterly virtual calls with a Host Queen for fun positive self-esteem enrichment activities or meetings w/host queen.

  • Monthly opportunities to earn merit pins for the BSIB PP sash. Once earned, the pins will be shipped to the child's home.


Girls Building Robot
People Planting Trees

Year Two and Beyond?

The ongoing Annual Princess Program membership fee ($99) provides:

  • Quarterly group virtual calls with a queen for fun positive self esteem enrichment activities and a small Princess themed gifts for all participants.

  • Monthly opportunities to earn merit pins for the BSIB PP sash. Once earned, the pins will be shipped to the child's home.

  • Special discounts on new Princess Program shirt designs preordered in her actual size.

BSIB Princesses

Valentina, Norah & Tessa

Valentina Photo.jpg
Norah Kerr Headshot.jpg
Tessa Pic.jpeg
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