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Dr. Diana Lawrence, President/Founder

I have been providing educational and entertainment services since 1989.

In early 2000, I became fascinated with the idea of achievement activities and their connection to achievement pageants. I had been involved in community service and mentoring for decades. I wanted to find a way to merge them all together and create an opportunity for women to support women. I represented Florida in an achievement pageant and won the national title (Ms. American Achiever), as well as the international title (Mrs. Universal Achiever). It was a life altering experience. It was a live pageant. I went on to compete in another achievement pageant and won the national title (Mrs. American Achievement). It was a mail in competition involving photos for competition and extensive documentation of all my achievements. The experiences with these systems helped me discover the direction I wanted to go with my own system. Then taking the decades of experience as a titleholder, judge and a mentor on the state, national and international level, I began to formalize Dr. World Productions.

Many years later (2018), it was time to officially register a few of my pageant/entertainment and educational services trademarks:

Dr. World ® - Registered Mark: 6257603

Dr. America ® - Registered Mark: 6257604

Dr. United States of America ® - Registered Mark: 6257605

Because ... Smart is Beautiful ® Registered Mark: 7082967

Dr. Universe ® - Registered Mark: 6804407

Dr. Universe Productions™ & Dr. Universe™

In 2020, other pageant/entertainment and educational services trademarks were submitted:

Ms. Achievement - Registered Mark: 7191780

Promotional Services, Clothing & Other Related Trademarks:

Dr. America ® - Registered Mark: 7095778

Ms. Achievement ® - Registered Mark: 7191780

Dr. World Productions™

The Crown with Credentials™

Tournament of Queens™ & TOQ™

Dr. World Canada™ & Dr. Canada World

Dr. World North America™ & Dr. North America World™

Ms. Achievement Universe™

Ms. Achievement North America™

Ms. Achievement U.S.A.™ & USA Achievement™

Ms. Achievement World™ & Ms. World Achievement™

Ms. Achievement - America™ & America Achievement™

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