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Senior Director of

Academic Services

Dr. World 2022 &
Ms. Achievement World 2022

Miami Beach, FL - Fall 2021
Photo Credit: The Perfect Touch Ph0tography

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Senior Director of

Academic Services

Important 2022 Dates

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Ms. Achievement ™

World Competition


Deadline to enter:

July 1, 2022

- Final segment of competition -

Live virtual panel interviews - July 23 , 2022*

Photo Credit: Gregory Jones

Dr. World ®



Deadline to enter:

October 1, 2022

Dr. World ®

- Final segment of competition -

Live virtual panel interviews - October 22, 2022​*

Dr. America ®

- Final segment of competition -

Live virtual panel interviews - October 22, 2022*

Dr. United States of America ®

- Final segment of competition -

Live virtual panel interviews - October 22, 2022​*

Dr. World 2021

Angel's Farewell Walk

September 18, 2021

Photo credit: Riley Choptuik, Butterknife Creative, Canada 




Community Leader of the Year, Educator of the Year & Mentor of the Year


“Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring”

M.R. Kologie

Dr World India 2021.jpg

Featured Queen

Dr. Priyanka Gianchandani,

Dr. World India 2021, submitted formal crown & sash photos today.  



Last fall,

she was selected as

3rd runner-up to

Dr. World 2022!


Amazing!! Congratulations! 


Dorothy Shi Photography

DuVerney, Dan.jpg


OMG…..This was one of the most difficult judging I have ever done. How do you judge such gifted and talented academics? 


I was blown away by all of them." 


- Daniel DuVerney, Renown Photographer* & Jewelry Designer

*link to site

Senior Director of

Academic Services

Dr. Queens Crowned - 9/18/2021
Awards & Crowning Ceremony on
DWP FB Page & PageantryNow FB 6PM EST 

Click here to Meet All of the Finalists

Dr. World 2022 

Michelles New Headshot.jpg

Dr. World 2022

Dr. Michelle Lynam

Dr. United States of America 2021

Crowned 9/18/2021

Senior Director of

Academic Services

Dr. America


Dr. America 2022

Dr. Brandy Palacios

Dr. Missouri America 2021

Crowned 9/18/2021

Dr. United States of America 2022 

Headshot 2021_Dawn Digrius Smith.jpg

Dr. United States of America 2022

Dr. Dawn Digrius Smith

Dr. California U.S.A. 2021

Crowned 9/18/2021

Lightbourn Kellie.jpg


Love that you are empowering and highlighting strong, educated women!

Great work”

- Hunter Raye, JD, PhD


Host of ABC Action News’ Consumer Update & professional model

Kris Scherer Photo.jpg

"What an honor to judge an awe-inspiring, prestigious pageant such a as the Ms. World Achievement World/USA. The Director is outstanding in her detail to orientation and teamwork. She is inspirational and provides encouragement to her contestants and crew!! Thank you for the honor!"


~ Kris Scherer, MS, FSW 

2021 Mrs. Indiana All American Woman

Owner/Director of LUCKY RACER

Senior Director of

Academic Services

Ms. Achievement Queens Crowned - 7/17/2021
Click here to meet all of the finalists

Ms. Achievement™ World 2022 

Stayc Sharrow Simpson - Photo.jpg

Stayc Simpson, Ms. Achievement World 2022

Represented U.S.A.

Interview Winner & Ms. Congeniality Winner

Crowned 7/17/2021

Ms. Achievement™ U.S.A. 2022 

California - Anna Kerry Photo.jpg

Anna Kerry, Ms. Achievement U.S.A. 2022

Represented California, Family stationed

Eveningwear Winner

Crowned 7/17/2021

Reggie Lewis Serious Photo.JPG

“Thank you for selecting me to judge for Ms. Achievement-World. Ms. Achievement-World/USA Virtual Crowning was spectacular! I'm loving my new shirt. I'm hear for the movement. Because...Smart is Beautiful.

- Reggie Lewis, MBA, MS, & doctoral coursework

Oklahoma Photogenic for FB.jpg


Thank you so much for the opportunity.

The queens are all incredibly beautiful and impressive. 


Congratulations on a successful pageant. I enjoyed participating,

- Ester Cobb,

Dr. Oklahoma 2020

Dr. America 2021

Model Shoot

w/Marc Himself

Video Credit: Marc Defang / @marcdefang /

Dr. United States of America 2021


RVAFashion Week Photo Credit: Mx.BEX /

@Mx.BEX /


Dr. World ® - Registered Mark: 6257603

Dr. America ® - Registered Mark: 6257604

Dr. United States of America ® - Registered Mark: 6257605

Because ... Smart is Beautiful

Trademark Office Serial Number: 90712526

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Ms. Achievement - Trademark Office Serial Number: 90742675

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Dr. Universe ®



Gregory Jones



October 3, 2021


Dr. Universe ®


Robert F. Smith

Gown: Ordered from

September 27, 2021

Irina Stelmakh Photography

Dr. World 2021
Dr. Angel Bhathal

Dr. World 2021

Angel's Photoshoot

Photo credit: Vancouver Photographer


Dr. World 2021

In addition to the crowning of Dr. World ® ,

Dr. America® & Dr. United States of America® 2021 and the runners-up, we recognized the 2020 Dr. World Productions':

Community Leader of the Year 2020,

Educator of the Year 2020, &

Mentor of the Year 2020!

Dr America - Promotion Photographer RAM

Dr. America®



RAM Photo


December 27, 2020

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Dr. America®



Dr. LaVena Wilkin

October 15, 2020

Because...Smart if Beautiful