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Rules and Regulations

Dr. World Productions winners must agree to:

  • Submit a crown and sash photo to Dr. World Productions (DWP) within 2 weeks of receipt of the [official] crown and sash

  • Submit a professional photo/s within 60 days of receipt of the [official] crown and sash

  • Weekly - post community, mentoring, charity activity involvement, travel, or information about field on Facebook and Instagram as a Dr. World™ Productions representative (including DWP website address and #drworldwomementoringwomen)

  • Utilize the DWP Facebook and Instagram pages/accounts created and monitored by DWP for initial postings [winners will be provided administrator rights during reign]. Queen may then share [posting] to personal page from the DWP pages/accounts.

  • Participate in monthly mentoring activities

  • Provide monthly activity updates to the DWP Director

  • Not compete in any other pageant during reign. Should a unique opportunity arise toward the end of her reign, the queen may request DWP Director's approval

  • Maintain professional communication and actions in compliance with EEOC standards on social media, etc. to avoid situations that could look negatively on Dr. World™ Productions/DR. Productions, LLC; Director/Trademark owner and anyone associated with the event/s during her reign​

  • Refrain from political commentary on social media, etc. to avoid situations that could look negatively on Dr. World™ Productions/DR. Productions, LLC; Director/Trademark owner and anyone associated with the event during her reign​

  • Take full responsibility of one’s actions and release Dr. World Productions/DR. Productions, LLC., Director/Trademark owner and anyone associated with the event or event related activities from any liability for claims, damages, debt or losses associated with the individuals/entities mentioned above.


Dr. World  Productions - Titleholders/Contestants must abide by all rules and regulations listed below:

  • Contestant must be at least 21 years of age

  • Contestant may not be a national titleholder* with any other pageant system as of September 1st of the competition year. *If unable to crown successor due to COVID-19 and the other pageant director releases the national titleholder, in writing, to complete in a Dr. World™ Productions event, the individual may compete).

  • US contestants vying for a region/state/area title must be a U.S. Citizen and be a resident, work, attend college or own property in the state/region of title application

  • World/international contestants must have at least 25% heritage of the country/area of the title application or live in the country/area (deployment or residency on a military installation is acceptable)

  • If selected, contestant, agrees to participate in the competition activities/competitions and abide by all Official Rules and Regulations or forfeit title/s.

  • Contestant will be subject to an entry fee/s as outlined on the drworldproductions.com website. The fee/s must be paid in full prior to the competition and to receive any Dr. World™ Productions’ item/s (e.g. sash, etc.).

  • Contestant must be of good moral character

  • Contestant must have never been convicted of a felony crime

  • Contestant must have never posed for any photography/video associated with nudity/pornography or been employed in a position which involves complete nudity

  • If selected, contestant, agrees to not smoke or become intoxicated while wearing any items (e.g. sash, Dr. World™ t-shirt, crown, etc.) representing any Dr. World™ Productions’ title

  • Contestant agrees all judges’ decisions are final and irrevocable

  • Contestant permits Dr. World™ Productions and their licensees the right to use contestant's photographs, bio, and competition materials for publicity purposes in connection with all Dr. World™ Productions competitions

  • If any unprofessional behavior or violation of any of the Dr. World Productions’ Rules and Regulations leads to disqualification of the contestant/titleholder, there are no refunds. However, should a contestant have paid full entry and must withdraw prior to the competition due to extenuating circumstances, the entry-fee amount may be applied to the next competition’s registration fee.

  • If Dr. World™/Dr. America™/Dr. U.S.A.™ relinquishes her title or is stripped of her title for violation of the Rules and Regulations all prizes must be returned in condition received. If any sash, crown, or prizes not returned in good condition, the titleholder will be required to pay for the replacement should the items need to be given to her replacement.

  • If selected as a winner (Dr. World™/Dr. America™/Dr. U.S.A.™), during reign her appearances representing the title will be under the Dr. World™ Productions’ supervision and all rights for any Dr. World™ Productions title appearances/contracts resulting from being affiliated with Dr. World™ Productions shall belong exclusively to same.

  • Please Note: For the Dr. competitions - Domestic accrediting bodies and issuing postsecondary institutions must be recognized by the United States Department of Education. The earned, accredited academic doctoral degree must be granted by a federally recognized postsecondary academic institution. The doctoral program must contain a minimum of 58 academic semester hours of study. For application and entry into these particular competitions, a domestic or foreign doctorate degree may not be an award/honorary in nature (e.g., honoris causa). A foreign earned, academic doctorate degree must be recognized as equivalent to a US doctorate a degree (e.g., by evaluation services such as World Education Services/WES).